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2013 Celebrating the ‘Ernies’ coming of age!

August 31, 2013

The theme for the 2013 Ernies was always going to be about the fact that the Awards night is turning 21 this year. The dress code is “what you wore to your own 21st” so we expect lots of thai silk ensembles, graecian wrap-arounds, cork high heels and spandex leggings.

The year has seen so much bigotry and misogyny that it would be hard to pick a winner but it will be hard to go past “the menu” for just plain nastiness…although Barry O’Farrell accusing our host Linda Burney of not getting her position ‘on merit’ was pretty appalling.

The raffle this year will raise money for 2013 Sydney Peace Prize Winner Dr Cynthia Maung’s clinic on the Thai-Burma border.

Posted by yvette