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September 29, 2020


Neil Scott, Perth night club owner in response to a woman’s complaint about drink spiking, “She’s not a particularly attractive girl. It’s just implausible to imagine that she had her drink spiked…’ She’s just a very plain Jane type of girl.

Jayson Westbury CEO of the Australian Federation of Travel Agents objecting to Tracey Grimshaw’s reporting of a travel industry refund scandal. “She needs to be given a firm uppercut or a slap across the face”.

David Murray and John Fraser, AMP directors, for the promotion of Boe Pahari to Head of AMP Capital, despite there having been a number of sexual harassment complaints against him.



Josh Frydenberg declaring in Parliament “The gender pay gap has closed”. (It’s still 14%)

Tony Abbott, describing a NSW bill seeking to remove abortion from state’s Crime Act “it is effectively infanticide on-demand”

Scott Morrison, on getting more women into Parliament “I want to see more women in our parliament and I want to see the NSW division work with me and my team to deliver that on merit, on merit, that’s the key,”

Scott Morrison, for appointing Pauline Hanson Deputy Chair of the Family Court system inquiry.

Senator Malcolm Roberts, on the family law system.“But when you’re a father, and you can’t get access to your kids, and you can’t get access to the legal system properly, what else is there to do other than check out or hurt the other person?”

Craig Kelly, MP for Hughes, calling senior physicist and meteorologist Laura Tobin an ‘ignorant Pommy weather girl’.

Mark Latham referring to “gentrified Leftist families where, in the name of ‘gender equity’ and PC ‘role models’, the mums don’t cook, clean up or help the kids with homework because it ‘gives the wrong example to young girls’”

Adem Somyurek talking about Victorian Minister for Women Gabrielle Williams “she’s a stupid bitch I will “fucking force … out of the ministry”.

Mark Latham, during abortion debate “I am the Matriarchy”



Anthony Fisher, Archbishop of Sydney, for referring to the Reproductive Health Care Reform Bill 2019 as the “Kill Bill”

Council of the Order of Australia – for awarding Bettina Arndt an AM for       “significant service to the community as a social commentator, and to gender equity  through advocacy for men”.

Shore school boys for their ‘Triwizard Shorenament’ challenging students to have sex with a woman over 80kgs; aged over 40; or who is deemed to be a ‘3/10 or lower’.



Qld Det Insp Mark Thompson says police are “keeping an open mind” about the murder of Hannah Clarke and her three children after they were set alight by her estranged husband. “is it an instance of a husband being driven too far by issues he’s suffered by certain circumstances into committing acts of this form?”

Owen Hughes, solicitor who argued on appeal his behaviour was not sexual harassment because he was “to be seen as being like Mr Darcy in Pride and Prejudice“.



Michael Leunig for his cartoon and poem entitled Mummy Was Busy. “Mummy was busy on Instagram  When beautiful bubby fell out of the pram.  And lay on the path unseen and alone  Wishing that he was loved like a phone”

Bruce McAveney Ch7, referring to Collingwood’s Jordan De Goey, who has been charged with indecent assault. “We feel like he’s full of confidence. He’s had an OK year so far. And then he’s had a hiccup, we know.”

Beau Ryan, host of The Amazing Race “Because of my lifestyle and the way I work I really need my wife at home”.

Peter Goers, Sunday Mail and ABC radio journalist re Nicolle Flint, Member for Boothby. “Flint wears pearl earrings and a pearly smile. She favours a vast wardrobe of blazers, coats and tight, black, ankle-freezing trousers and stiletto heels…she presents herself in her own newsletter 23 times as a fashion plate.”

Steve Price claimed he ‘wouldn’t cross the road to watch women’s football’

The Australian, under a headline that read “Body in freezer: Husband ‘a quiet man’  A woman whose body was found frozen ‘rock solid’ in a freezer at her family’s Sydney home had a ‘strong, aggressive’ personality and often nagged her ‘quietly spoken’ husband, according to friends of the couple.”



Israel Folau who claimed bushfires crippling Australia were God’s punishment for legalising abortion and same-sex marriage.

Jeff Kennett, president of Hawthorn Football Club, responding to a suggestion that the AFL be renamed AFLM to avoid discrimination for the women’s code (AFLW) with the words “embarrassing”, “thoughtless” and “unprofessional”.

AFL legend Leigh Mathews says he would be livid if he was an AFL player asked to take a pay cut to help fund the AFLW competition.



Bettina Arndt regarding her Order of Australia “A lot of feminists, for instance think they own the idea of gender equality, which is all about promoting women at the expense of men, so I was very pleased that they described my work as gender equality through advocacy for men, which is what I’m doing”.

Bettina Arndt objects to a Sex, Love and Dating handbook at Griffith University “Young women at Griffith University are being taught to be uncaring, demanding bitches”

Pauline Hanson, Deputy chair of the Family Court Enquiry, on women fabricating stories of domestic violence.”a lot of the women out there abuse the system by instigating false DVOs against their former partners or their husbands. They use that to further their needs… Domestic violence orders have got completely out of hand”.

Bettina Arndt on the murder of Hannah Clarke and her children.”Congratulations to the Queensland police for keeping an open mind and awaiting proper evidence, including the possibility that Rowan Baxter might have been ‘driven too far’.”

Ita Buttrose  ABC Chair.Australia has become too politically correct and we are far too sensitive now…Even in the workplace, the way men and women used to talk to one another, which was quite fun, I think, doesn’t exist today”

Miranda Devine. “Why should the convenience or the emotional equilibrium of an expectant mother take precedence over the very life of her unborn child”



Satirist Titus O’Reilly (Alex Twomey) tweeting on T20 World Cup.“Great crowd. It’s almost if you develop and promote women’s sport properly, people will watch it. Who knew?

Actor Sam Neill. “I actually think it would be better if men just shut up for a while…Resist the urge to shout over the top of women. Stop being boofheads. And bullies… And when someone says “You’re not the boss of me” you better believe it. You’re just a guy that messes up the house or the office.”

Brandon Jack. “Remember the ‘Kissing Sailor’? He was a groper”

Victorian Liberal MP Tim Smith demanded Bettina Arndt be stripped of her AM for comments ‘totally at odds with the values of the Australian people, the Crown and the Australian Government”.

Andrew Hornery for pointing out the double standards that vintage male and female celebrities have to comply with to compete for instagram ‘likes’. The women are scantily clad while the men are fully clothed.

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