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And the winners of the 2012 Ernie Awards are…

September 27, 2012

Gold Ernie (and Media Silver Ernie)

Alan Jones

‘Women are destroying the joint, Christine Nixon in Melbourne, Clover Moore here. Honestly. There’s no chaff bag big enough for these people.’

Industrial Silver Ernie

David Farley, CEO Australian Agricultural Company

when demonstrating a machine in the abattoir said - ’So it’s designed for non-productive old cows. Julia Gillard’s got to watch out.’

Political Silver Ernie

Barry O’Farrell 

said about Linda Burney - ’I am not sure which other member could be the hooker, perhaps the Member for Canterbury.’

Clerical Silver Ernie (The ‘Fred’)

Family Voice Australia

argued against changes to the provocation defence saying - ’The exclusion would effectively rule out the classic case of a husband unexpectedly arriving home to find his wife engaged in a sexual act with another man… these circumstances have traditionally been held to warrant a reduction in the seriousness of the offence from murder to manslaughter.’

Judicial Silver Ernie

Senior Constable Cary Coolican

‘Many sexual assault victims were too drunk or stoned to remember the details of the attacks… we would be encouraging people to make responsible choices regarding who they drink with and the quantity that is consumed. Some decisions may result in risky behaviour and unsafe actions.’

Sports Silver Ernie (The ‘Warney’)

Basketball Australia

for flying the women’s Olympic basketball team to London economy class, and the male team business class.

The Elaine (for remarks least helpful to the sisterhood)

Kelly O’Dywer MP

for calling Tanya Plibersek, Nicola Roxon and Deborah O’Neil –  ’the handbag hit squad.’

The Good Ernie (for men behaving better)

Stephen Smith

said in reference to ongoing issues in the Defence Force – ‘inappropriate conduct will not be tolerated.’

The ‘Clinton’ for repeat offenders

Archbishop Peter Jensen

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