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Welcome to the Ernie Awards for Sexist Remarks. This strange institution is now in its 24th year. Each September 300 women come together at a splendid dinner in NSW Parliament House to judge the most sexist remarks by public figures during the previous year.

The nominator of each winning quote carries home a silver Ernie (handsome silver pig on a plinth). The overall winner gets the Gold Ernie (sheep rampant on a golden orb). The winners are chosen by whichever nomination receives the loudest boos. In tight contests, a boo-off is required.

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the 24th annual ‘ernie’ awards
for sexist behaviour
60 years since Betty Cuthbert & Dawn Fraser became the “Golden Girls” of the Melbourne Olympics
Dress: Come as your favourite GOLDEN GIRL

Thursday 22 september, 2016
7 for 7.30pm

parliament house macquarie st. sydney