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And The 2016 Winners Are…

September 23, 2016

GOLD Ernie (dead heat)

Barrister Ben Mallick (Judicial Silver Ernie) for defending a taxi driver charged with sexual assault, “the attack would not have happened if the woman had sat in the back seat”.


NSW Department of Education (Industrial Silver Ernie) for proposing that experienced School teachers who take 5 years off to have children be downgraded to beginner teacher salary when they return to work.


Celebrity Silver Ernie  

Rolf Harris for writing a song in gaol called Gutter Girls, “Sleeping in the daytime, lying every night. She’s scheming, screaming bloody rape and she’s got you in her sight.”


Political Silver Ernie  

Mark Latham – “By attacking poverty rather than attacking men you’ll get a far better solution than the nonsense we’re hearing from Rosie Batty and the other left feminists”.


Sport Silver Ernie, The Warney

Eddie McGuire – when discussing paying to have sports journalist Caroline Wilson ducked in cold water “I’ll put in ten grand straight away – make it twenty – and if she stays under the water, fifty.”


Media Silver Ernie  

Andrew Bolt – remarking on the Constitutional Recognition documentary with Linda Burney, “it was tricky because she is gorgeous and she’s a woman and it’s very difficult for a white male to debate an Aboriginal woman and not be seen as a bully or mean.”


Elaine Award  (for remark least helpful to the sisterhood)

Pauline Hanson in her inaugural speech, referring to the family court system “women make frivolous claims and believe they have the sole right to the children… until we treat mums and dads with the same courtesy and rights, we will continue to see murders due to sheer frustration and depression and mental illness caused by this unworkable system.”


The Good Ernie  (dead heat)

Bernard Keane commenting on Pauline Hanson’s Inaugural Speech, “I can’t recall a more sickening, more evil statement from a politician than this attempt to explain away the murder of women by ex-partners as frustration due to frivolous claims by women.


Byron Shire Council for banning sexist graffitied Wicked Campers from the Council caravan parks.


The Clinton for Repeat Offender went to Mark Latham.


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