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Hot tips for the 30 th (and Final) Ernies Awards for Sexism

August 17, 2022

Ernies 2022 Hot tips

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Scott Morrison said he understands why Will Smith slapped Chris Rock at the Oscars

“I’m also fiercely defensive of anyone who would say anything about Jenny too, so I can understand it,”


Eric Abetz, Former Liberal senator on being relegated to third on the Senate ticket

“One thing I can’t do anything about is the day I was born, nor the sex that I was given courtesy of the chromosome interaction, whatever, that caused me to be a male,”


Mark Latham tweeted:

“It had to come. The link between long covid and radical feminism.”


Mark Latham

“She was only on there for ‘gender balance’. Kate Ellis is as useful as pockets in your underpants.”


Jordan Shanks (friendlyjordies)

“I am woman hear me whine…. Nicole Flint, Leigh Sales, Lisa Wilkinson… They are all part of this very specific class of women. Whine addicts…. All of them get paid exorbitant sums of money to sit on their arses and whine about how hard it is to be a woman.”


Paul Murray

“We got mean girl Penny Wong pretending to be nice but still looking like a mean girl.”
The High Court of Australia. Disgraced judge Dyson Heydon’s photograph is still on show in the High Court of Australia.


Andrew Bolt

“Shrieking climate independents (are) an insult to feminism”


Alexander Downer

“Take Josh Frydenberg in Kooyong and Dave Sharma in Wentworth. These are people who could become truly great men. But if the independents defeat them those independents will be totally forgotten in 10 years’ time.”
Angus Taylor repeatedly referred to deputy speaker Sharon Claydon as “Mr Speaker” and, after being corrected, called her “Mr Speaker” another five times.
Dominic Perrottet who, early in his new premiership, for two days in a row picked pubs as a backdrop for press conferences where he stood, surrounded by male politicians downing beers.


David Honey, WA Liberal Leader criticising Health Minister Amber-Jade Sanderson

“Good on you, minister! Who am I patronising?” “I will patronise you, minister; a minister who worries more about fashion than she does about doing her job in health!”


The Elaine (for remarks least helpful to the sisterhood)
Sussan Ley, Liberal Shadow Minister for the Status of Women
“While men speak on a variety of topics, they also speak for women so I’m very comfortable with the (male) leadership of our party.”


Anne Ruston, former coalition minister

“No government has done more to support Australia’s women”


Prue Mc Sween TV Personality

“Today we got to see fake independents… Georgia Steele and Monique Ryan up close and it wasn’t pretty. Wouldn’t want to cross either of those rude, arrogant sheilas in a dark alley.”
Kimberly Hone, Nationals candidate for Richmond, told supporters on Facebook that one way to avoid domestic violence was to “Marry well”


Miranda Devine said of Grace Tame “What a graceless sourpuss”


Janet Albrechtsen called the Teals “posh thickos”


Pauline Hanson refused to attend a respectful workplace education unit saying she was “too old to sexually harass anyone”

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